Fisio & Health is a physical rehabilitation center in Juriquilla that, with the help of technology and human treatment, seeks the reintegration of our patients into their work, sports and family life, after going through the injury process. All this in a convenient and easily accessible location in clean, comfortable facilities and private individual cabins.

You can always count on us!

We use complementary equipment such as:

  • Shock waves

  • Electrotherapy

  • Pressotherapy

  • Laser and more...

  • We not only use manual therapy, we also create a specific therapeutic exercise plan for each injury

You already know the menu of services we have for you!

I'm LFT. Ana Bertha Torres Bautista; Senior Physiotherapist and General Director of Clínica Fisio&Health Juriquilla.

Thanks for visiting us. Come and recover with us!